Museo Archives Giovanni Boldini Macchiaioli

The Giovanni Boldini Macchiaioli Archives Museum promotes the conservation, protection and valorization of Giovanni Boldini’s and the Macchiaiolis’ heritage, including those of Giovanni Fattori and Telemaco Signorini.

The objective of the Archives Museum is to support scientific and historical research, critical analysis and every initiative to celebrate the memory of the artists, in particular, Giovanni Boldini and the Macchiaiolis.

The Giovanni Boldini Macchiaioli Archives Museum Research Centre files artists’ works, which are considered authentic, in accordance with the law and institutional acts, issues certificates of authenticity and compiles general catalogues.

The Archives Museum pursues the philosophy of an itinerant “active museum” in which only a portion of its archive collections at The Giovanni Boldini Macchiaioli Archives Museum branches are exhibited in its various picture gallery locations (visits are only by appointment, on certain days in pre-established months), thereby enabling other institutions and museums to borrow and exhibit them in public cultural events hence spreading and amplifying the large proposal by means of new, dynamic circuits over the entire territory.

The Giovanni Boldini Macchiaioli Archives Museum’s collection, sustained by national and international collectors’ concessions, is composed of 350 highly significant paintings, among which are some Italian masterpieces dating back to the 800s. Sales at the Giovanni Boldini Macchiaioli Archives Museum are simple and immediate.

The Giovanni Boldini Macchiaioli Archives Museum Study Centre promotes, divulges and protects Italian paintings dating back to the XIX and XX Centuries, in collaboration with municipalities, foundations, universities, public administrations and private institutions.

Paintings by Giovanni Boldini, Vincenzo Cabianca, Vittorio Matteo Corcos, Giuseppe De Nittis, Giovanni Fattori, Paul Cesar Helleu, Silvestro Lega, Antonio Puccinelli, Telemaco Signorini and Federigo Zandomeneghi are to be found among the collections of The Giovanni Boldini Macchiaioli Archives Museum.

Certificati di autenticità, tutela legale. Centro studi promozione dell'opera di Giovanni Boldini e dei Macchiaioli. Progettazione e curatela di grandi mostre culturali