Museo Archives Giovanni Boldini Macchiaioli

Museo archives Giovanni Boldini Macchiaioli | Certificates of Authenticity

The Museum consists of the most vast photographic and epistolary archive of its kind in existence, conserving over 450,000 images and several hundred autographed letters of the Macchiaioli artists, as well as the Cardona-Boldini fund, composed of images, cards and letters by the Master and his wife, Emilia Cardona; it also possesses a library specializing in Italian paintings of the 800s, composed of some thousand titles.

By completing the form below, you will receive the service conditions necessary to obtain a close examination of artworks in your possession, attributed to Giovanni Boldini, Vittorio Matteo Corcos, Giuseppe De Nittis, Giovanni Fattori, Federigo Zandomeneghi and all the artists of the Macchiaioli group or others who were active in Florence, Naples and Paris, at the end of the Nineteenth Century.

Certificates of authenticity released by the Museum are accepted for legal and insurance purposes and by all the main auction houses, galleries and international collections.

Certificati di autenticità, tutela legale. Centro studi promozione dell'opera di Giovanni Boldini e dei Macchiaioli. Progettazione e curatela di grandi mostre culturali